The moment you believe
Sometimes in our life we face tough moments that makes us belie that to give up is the best choice to pass through, and that's super normal for us as human beings, but we keep fighting to beat it, somehow we find strenght to stand and fight, that's the moment you know that you can do more than you think you can, and that's the moment you believe yourself. There will always be someone that cares about you and will be there by your side fighting your problems with you, giving the helping hand, believe, there is ALWAYS someone who cares about you. We tend stay on a comfort zone that makes us forget that bad moments will come in our life, and when they come we simply don't know how to face it, the way we get up after falling and gettin hurt defines who we are and how strong we are, so remember that and NEVER give up for any troubles, 'cause you are stronger than that!

I would like to talk about something i've been overthinking these days, and that's the way we treat people... There are people that get grumpy and rude sometimes and we simply react exactly like them against them. How wrong is that? I say: totally wrong! Everyone is fighting a battle and is not our duty to judge them, we have OUR problems too, and each one has their way to deal with them, ragint against rude people will help no one, it just hurts and brings bad feelings and stress for ourselves (too)... Sometimes a little smile and a NICE (LOVELY) action, like asking SORRY (even you're right), can changes the whole day of a person.
Thanks for watching!
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