Hey folks! i finally finished this piece that i've been working latest weeks and well... there's a lot to say about this. The isolation didn't changed a lot my "day by day" cause i spend most of my time working in front of my PC, but there's no way you can avoid being more introspective watching the news and scrolling down in the black hole of social medias. One thing that came in my mind lately was about how an addiction can be devastating to someone's life, no matter what's your addiction that's destructive. I've been recently reading some posts of Rodrigo Simonsen at Instagram about how porn can be venomous i someone's life and after other happenings that i've seen on TV series and internet celebrities i decided to create something about this, i'm not getting in depth about the matter and its consequences but that's how i see people getting drowned into addictions... It's a non-stopping flow that seems to be like something that fills your emptiness and desires, but you can't see how's that consuming yourself from inside, you just want more and more. 
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