Recently I saw this post from the awesome Portuguese Language teacher @larabrennerqueiroz asking about what's your favorite word. Yes, what's your favorite WORD. I already caught myself thinking about this many times, there are a bunch of incredible words in my language, but this word "âmago" has a special meaning for me. I'm not sure if there's a straight translation for this word, but it means something like the core, the most intimate part of something or someone. Have you ever thought about this? For me "âmago" means who you really are, but more than just words or concepts could say, who you REALLY are in a way no one can describe, the meaning of your existence, the reason you came to life, your wills, the things your subconscious says to your soul.... There are many ways to describe it, but just remember that knowing yourself is the key for understanding the others, to live better and to be able to make your beloved ones to live better too. Save sometime in your days to talk to yourself, to say with your heart things you'd never say with words... Stare at the skyline for some minutes, feel the breeze and see the glorious life you raised. That's your "âmago".
From Facebook 3D Photos
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