Well, i have so much to tell about this picture, but at the same time i feel like there are no words that would describe it. It speaks for itself, and it brings me so many feelings, so many emotions. There is a strong link between a pet and it's best friend, seems to be something unbreakable and immeasurable.

I had a tiny friend called Dolly who was pretty angry and grumpy, yet so adorable and needy, she was what she was, she had an amazing life and had an enormous Backyard to play with her other friends... One day she just slept to her eternal dream, that was a real sad morning, but thanks God i could understand that's just a cycle and sometime it just ends, she had about 12 years... Sleep well Dolly, have some nice dreams! That's just a small part of what i would like to say. Give all your love to your pet, whatever it is!
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